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Phosphonates are the star of our product catalog among a wide range of products that are constantly growing.


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As leaders in phosphonates manufacture, this is one of our star products, the true antidote to the ravages of sediment, deposits, unwanted metal ions, corrosion, etc. Phosphonates are multifunctional agents for the control of these agents. Generally, they contain at least one PO3H2 functional group, which is linked to a carbon atom.
This is a fundamental chemical structure and is one of the reasons why the main characteristics of phosphonates are corrosion control, their great solubility, their stability in aqueous systems or their important sequestration, dispersion or deflocculation.

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Whitening agents are very important today in various sectors, so it is essential to go to a specialized company to obtain the best on the market, as is the case with Detergencia y Textil Química. Some of the most common products on the market we take care of in our service are the following:

· DYTBLANC CBS Optical brightener stable to hypochlorite. Value of E 1150.

· DYTBLANC MS Optical whitening. E value 450.

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Tailor-made plastic abrasives, like the rest of the products in our product catalog, are another of our specialties, with guaranteed results when treated with the best tools and top-level professionals in the sector.

We are responsible for supplying the market with the best plastic abrasives, manufactured according to your needs, to satisfy your needs.

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